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  1. Hacker policey

    hacks everywhere!!!
  2. RenList

    I have been using this for 2 months now. All sudden, my Norton has blocked it and says renlist.exe is not safe. Is this common?
  3. renegade UltraAOW Renegade NewMaps Trailer

    Obviously old but pretty cool!
  4. Gamespy Going Down Soon

    I have used this for years to connect. Amazing how the mighty has come and go.
  5. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    Yes....and now I shall open a thread to start talks to pinpoint exactly which hacks your using! PS You STILL havent answered why we havent played your map in a long time.
  6. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    After a few bumps, I got it to work. However, my antivirus stopped the installation because of a herustic virus. False positive?

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