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  1. Hacker policey

    hacks everywhere!!!
  2. RenList

    I have been using this for 2 months now. All sudden, my Norton has blocked it and says renlist.exe is not safe. Is this common?
  3. Gamespy Going Down Soon

    I have used this for years to connect. Amazing how the mighty has come and go.
  4. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    Yes....and now I shall open a thread to start talks to pinpoint exactly which hacks your using! PS You STILL havent answered why we havent played your map in a long time.
  5. renegade TT Update 4.1 - Mandatory!

    After a few bumps, I got it to work. However, my antivirus stopped the installation because of a herustic virus. False positive?

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