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Everything posted by newtown19

  1. Wish I was 30 again !!! Starting around 40, everything starts going... First you need bi-focals, then a little hearing loss, then this hurts, then that hurts, arthritis creeps in, you gotta pee more often, lots to look forward to ...
  2. There are capturable silos on land, the planes are bombers (refill on your non-movable ships) and you try to destroy the enemy ships. I think there are 3 ships, and if a ship gets destroyed, you can't refill from it.
  3. Nice small map. Usually ends fast. Only thing is that the front defences are too weak and too easily destroyed. The rear easily defended with mines.
  4. This makes us realize how fragile our existence is. Rest In Peace buddy.
  5. newtown19


    Yes, have not been able to pick up my own weapons or DNA after I get killed. I do like the "last damagers of the object" having priority to pick up whatever. Stops the stealers.
  6. We are screwed either way, but Hillary is going to win because all the women will be voting for her.
  7. I won't be able to make it. My cousin is getting married on Saturday.
  8. newtown19

    renegade I hack!!

    According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.
  9. Allow, but I feel that most mods would pass/decline should they win.
  10. I am truly honored to be a part of this community. Thanks, everyone.
  11. When I got the missing .DLL file error, I downloaded it and placed it in the Renegade folder. It didn't help. Reinstalling Renegade, then installing 4.0, then updating took care of it.
  12. SSD drives are cheaper now. I got a 240 GB for $140. Even though my motherboard is sata2, I still saw an improvement overall. I must say that a fresh install worked better than cloning the drive.
  13. Depends on the situation. If on NOD and half get sbh while GDI defenses are still up 100%, if defenses down 25%. If 3 vs 2 (me on the team of 2) and my teammate buys a sniper when the other team is attacking with tanks 200%, if enemy is using arty or mrl 0%.
  14. Make it so that anyone who buys a sbh this weekend gets an an unstealthed one.
  15. newtown19

    My Gas

    I remember when I used to pay 99¢ a gallon.
  16. That's not fair to falcod. He works hard for them points. We should make it so that he maxes out at 10,000 points per game I mean WTF falcod, 30,000 is inhumane.
  17. Even though it wouldn't make much of a difference, if you donated whatever money you had left before leaving, it would lessen the impact on your team. Some players even kill their character to try to leave DNA or a weapon for their teammates.
  18. I use RenList and a lot of times, I have to refresh multiple times for the Ultra servers to show up under GSA. Sometimes, they don't even appear, even though they are "favorite". I'm sure everyone knows how to do this already. I put a shortcut on my desktop to connect directly and use that when the server doesn't appear. I have C&C The First Decade, so for NewMaps: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer Renegade™\Renegade\Game.exe" +connect +netplayername newtown19 Just substitute newtown19 with your nick.
  19. Does this mean that we are prohibited from reducing the time limit should a stalemate occur, as mentioned in the "itime abuse" post?
  20. I have an issue with players b2b on this map. Lionking in particular always does. See the screen in the original post. Afaik, you need to get off the first island before attacking enemy buildings. Adding the OB and AGT doesn't change that. It actually makes it easier, especially for GDI with a mrl. Mauler told me it wasn't considered b2b, but the rules state no b2b on Islands and the only exception is that rocket soldiers can shoot through the gaps.
  21. I propose you use duct tape over the lights.
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