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1 - beginner [LevelEdit] Add Music To Map

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You can find a bunch of nice old CNC tracks on my website at zunnie.multiplayerforums.com

When you decide to use one of these on your map you must keep the filename exactly like it is there.

Why?: Some other maps already use this MP3. To keep a long story short: If you rename them then there may arise conflicts with other maps. So nonono.mp3 to renaming them.

Just use them on your map as they are.

Edit: In 4.1 and on renaming them won't matter. Still i'd leave them as they are :)

Let's get started:

(1)expand Sound, then (2)select Music and then (3)click the Temp button:


Give it a name, for this example it is Frank_Klepacki_Act_On_Instinct:


On the Settings tab now we configure the following options:

Filename - Browse for the MP3 file inside your Level Mapname folder

Drop-off Radius - 7000.000

Max-Vol Radius - 6000.000

m_Volume - 1.000

m_Priority - 1.000

All other settings are correct already and need no attention.


Now OK it all. Then (1)select the preset in your list and (2)click the "MAKE" button, a sound icon appears on your map.


It is best if you place this music icon in the center of your map.

If you have a large map you may need to adjust the Drop-off Radius and Max-Vol Radius to a higher number.

Have fun :)

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The "loop count" box, is that the repeat function? I've noticed on Rigde, the music stops after only one play. IS that the right parameter to adjust to make the song keep repeating, or is it something else?

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Below are two files, one for Ridge which I will fix in the next update, and the other is for the map I am working on now.

27 Frank Klepacki - Backstab.mp3

13 Frank Klepacki - No Mercy Remix.mp3

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Revision: 316

Author: zunnie

Date: Monday, September 02, 2013 6:54:19 AM


Add music for trunkskgb from Frank Klepacki. Backstab and No Mercy Remix.


Added : /Editor/UltraAOW/music/Frank_Klepacki_-_Backstab.mp3

Added : /Editor/UltraAOW/music/Frank_Klepacki_-_No_Mercy_Remix.mp3

It is on the SVN now :) do SVN Update :D

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If you have multiple songs on a map (Carnage for example), is there any settings you'd have to adjust then to ensure a smooth transition of music from one area to the next?


I'm making a map with multiple tracks. I want one track in particular to be heard EVERYWHERE you go, but the others will only be heard in certain areas.


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You'll have to play with the Drop-off Radius - 7000.000 and Max-Vol Radius - 6000.000 a bit, set it waaay lower and test ingame how far you can hear it.

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Guest Mauler

Won't be possible to play a song through out the whole map and a different music in another part... you will still here them both (unless that is what you want -_- ). Carnage club uses the drop off/ max volume cleverly.. the main floor is the main song. and the back area is another area of sound.. 



And if the map i small keep the radius small! the sounds are in meters... i.e 15.00 is 15 meters radius of sound.

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Yeah Mauler that is what I want. If you watch the video I posted in the Halloween topic, you will hear crickets, and howling ALL OVER, however in certain areas of the map you will hear music as well. In Level Editor it was a bit glitchy and sometimes every sound I had would play all at once haha.

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