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#TCW Developer
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Bazil last won the day on May 16

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    Video Guru
  • Birthday 03/02/1996

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    Moscow, Russia
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    pissing everyone off

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    CounterStrike: Global Offensive
    Renegade / W3d
    C&C TCW
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  1. Bazil

    A YT channel

    I'll take that as a compliment xD trying to improve my British accent and maybe i will join TS one day
  2. Bazil

    A YT channel

    wrong noob, we talked on ts a couple of times...now im older and not in my diapers already )
  3. Bazil

    A YT channel

    Hey guys. I know it's a bit harsh just to create a topic like that , considering I haven't been here for like a year or even more, (and I don't think it's appropriate to advertise your shite here; it's ok if the topic gets removed, I understand that) but this is the only place I could go to, because I know almost all of you from the past, as a whole, as a community. So please, I'd be honored if you consider taking a look at my brand new YT channel. You will hear my "lovely" voice there even Maybe there is a FIFA fan amongst you guys Thank you all in advance! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_v-pNzQYvsi3C5-FeqeqnA
  4. OMG Bagel is alive! :o:D hi :P

  5. Bazil

    Megathread: Future for MPF

    what about CS:GO?
  6. Bazil

    renegade NewMaps Trailer by Griever

    Very well put together Griever pal, pretty good
  7. Bazil


    Thanks guys
  8. Bazil

    tcw Cool Video Dev Night in 2013

    Tiber, dude, just get in game
  9. Bazil

    mpf Social Login Integration

    Very nice!

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