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    Thanks everyone

    I would like to thank all of our Founders, Administrators, Staff, Donators and Members for contributing to this great community we have formed from late 2011 to today. It can't be said enough but without you guys contributing here we'd be gone long ago. We have all done a great job at making this place fun i think. //nogay
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    Bullvipe & Cheryripe (Engaged 27th December 2013)
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    Messing with Zunnie

    This is what happens when zunnie goes away for a cup of coffee! special thanks to bigjimer1
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    Vote for Next Weekend's Event

    MPF was known for its weekend specials and were quite popular. The most popular was the Stealth Weekend. Maybe mix them up a bit if possible and have them all in a rotation of maps. One map stealth, the next crazy and so on. Otherwise I vote double points since there is a monthly comp going on.
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    Welcome to Multiplayerforums.com

    First of all Welcome to our Community Forums. As you may know we are all trying to get along together but there may sometimes arise problems or flaming in posts, simply report these to a moderator or administrator and they will be looked at. General Netiquette Members that have joined our forum are expected to try and keep it nice, clean and fun for everyone. We do not condone flamers or people who start fights and put up namecalling or other type of insults. Harrassing members of our Community will result in post-moderation or you might even be banned for the community. Off Topic Discussions You are allowed to discuss Politics, Religion and real life issues in the designated forum called "Discussions", but please be respectful in your discussions with other members. Furthermore there are unwritten rules which are common sense more or less. An example would be to not post links to adult-, hack- & crack websites. Etcetera. We at all times reserve the right to ban anyone we want for whatever reason we think is appropiate for that action. Please try and keep the forums nice, clean and fun, thanks. Contact us. If you guys and girls have any questions or problems with anything at Multiplayerforums.com you can find us on Teamspeak, mIRC or the forums. All you have to do is send us a PM or Email and we will reply to you within 24 hours at the most. @FeaR, @alexrirak, @Cronus, @Genesis2001, @zunnie, @r3surr3Ktx, @kenz3001, @Wyld fear@Multiplayerforums.com | zunnie@multiplayerforums.com | alexrirak@multiplayerforums.com | wyld@multiplayerforums.com Thanks for reading. Regards, The MultiPlayerForums Gaming Community Staff
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    When was MPF founded? :P

    https://twitter.com/mpforums/status/133424620454936577 Just found this. Unlike the 'start date' of our forums here which was due to a reinstall, it was founded back in November 2011 officially by FeaR, alexrirak and me Thought it would be fun to share We've come a long way i would say. Nice of you all that come here and make up what we have here today! Thanks <3
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    How & Why MPF?

    Many of you know my story but for those that don't here it is .... I was playing in Jelly sniper server and on ts when a player named Bullvipe introduced himself on ts and asked me to snipe with him. Well after a few rounds of killing each other he introduced me to MPF Server with Zunnie and Jimmer and many others. Since then Bullvipe and I were married in May this year and now he lives with me over in Australia. You could say we are Romeo & Juliet of Renegade where me (from Jelly) and Bullvipe (from MPF) united and still love killing each other or working side by side as a team. I have formed many long lasting friendships also from MPF and thank you Bullvipe for coming into my life with Renegade and MPF.
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    Sup nerds

    Sup nerds. Anything new happen lately besides all sorts of shit drama that I heard and noticed lol. Like Kickmofo's mod abuse, that never gets old
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    Brussels, here i come :P

    Going to visit my brother this weekend, taking off in a hour or two I'll be online in brussels later tonight Cya all later
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    First Time Full @ 50 Players

    Congratulations Erik2012! LoL, too bad we dont have a prize for this The first 50th player joined tonight
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    OmegaAOW Renegade Event

    There is going to be a weekend tribute of sorts event held on the "zunnies OmegaAOW" renegade server. It is an old server mod that zunnie and his friends used to work on. Because of how old it is there may be some small bugs to live with, but @shaitan and I have done what we can to get it ready. During this time Newmaps,MutantCo-op and possibly other servers will be taken offline. IRC: irc.cncirc.net -or- irc.rencorner.com channel: #OmegaAOW
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    That's a beautiful thing...
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    i have a small ball sack
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    Forum Upgraded to IPB 4

    Forum Upgrade As you guys can probably see we (read Genesis) have been upgrading the forums to the latest version of IPB 4. Site Visuals The forums are still original styled which will be updated soon enough Kenz3001 will probably create a new design logo as well once he got some time to do it Downloads Area The downloads are available as well but for some reason you cannot view files in a root game category, only its subcategories. While this is a bit annoying we will try to fix this asap. Other than that, the downloads should be working fine. Donations For now if you would like to donate to MPF you should send it manually to the paypal email address below: paypal@multiplayerforums.com FeaR will take a look at it and post about it then. The Donation tracker isn't working yet. Thanks Thank you all for visiting, creating, communicating, playing and donating to us to make this forum possible and our gameservers!
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    MPF Mid-August (2015) Update

    Staff resignations Hawk, whom was providing a server for the community, is leaving for personal reasons. With him, the server will be going too. However, he is letting us continue using his server until the end of August. Server migration We will be performing a server migration this week onto two brand-new Limestone Networks servers. One server will be running Windows Server 2012 R2, while the other server will host two virtual machines - both Linux - for the website, Linux-based game servers, and our Subversion (SVN) repositories for our Development team. Our current server with OVH will be cancelled this month. The new servers will incur an increased server bill each month, but with that, we get awesome support and upgradeable servers. VM node: Web Site(s) and Linux-based game servers Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 (4c/8t) @ 3.3Ghz8GB DDR3 ECC2 x 1TB HDD1000 Mbps (Gigabit) Uplink USD $118.00/mo Game server node: Windows-based game servers Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2 (4c/8t) @ 3.5Ghz16 GB DDR3 ECC128 GB SSD500 GB HDD1000 Mbps (Gigabit) Uplink USD $126.50/mo Accounting Game server node: USD $126.50/moVM node: USD $118.00/mocPanel License: USD $13.95/moIPS License: USD $25.00/6-months (About $4.00/mo)Leftover: USD $7.45/moOur donation goal will be increasing to $270.00/mo to cover these bills (and keep the goal a round number). The leftover amount from above will be used for things the staff here agree to buy (things like cool skins, add-ons for the forums, and a rainy-day fund for the server bills.
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    Classic Maps Installed

    Map Rotation Update So we decided to install a few CLASSIC maps from back in the days for some more nostalgia. Some are pretty nice, others are plain fun to play and some are a bit more recent. Other News Siege was removed from rotation due to the tunnel aiming bug. Alpine_Night was replaced with its original Daylight version - Getting on top of mountains is ALLOWED! Newly installed maps Alpine Day - The original version of Alpine where it is still possible to get on top of the mountains which is ALLOWED for that matter. BoxedInV4 - A fun classic map, not the best around but its fun to play. Conquest Winter - Cool map with a nice cave. A bit too 'campy' maybe though. But overall good experience on this one. Country Meadow - This map is very nice. It was bugged a bit earlier but now it is working again. The nod ref is missing textures for some reason but thats the only bug here. FieldTS - By aircatkiller based on Field but with underground tunnels and blockades removed. Nice textures too. FjordsTR - By aircatkiller. Very nice looking map. May cause some fps drops for slower computers. Fortress2k4 - A classic map from back in 2004. High Altitude - Fun map. Not too big. No defenses. High Noon v2.1 - Excellent map with nice tunnels and elevated defenses. Lunar Landing - Funny no defense map with a crater in the center. Mars - Funny low gravity map. By aircatkiller. Oasis Flying - Great map. Nothing more to say personally. Try it out!
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    Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I've slowly been going inactive over the past few weeks, this is due to the fact that my girlfriend (soon be fiancée SHH!) is 10 weeks from the due date of our baby boy :-) and she has been having complications through out the pregnancy so I have been giving her my undivided attention. I'm also due to start a new job before Christmas arrives so that will also be eating up a chunk of my gaming time, so with that said I would like to make it 100% clear that I am NOT leaving MPF but reducing my gaming time by around 90% until further notice. I will always check in at the forums when I can, sometimes when using my phone it is just a pain in the ass to try and post something. Or I'l jump on team speak for 10-20mins once my partner is asleep. Hope everyone understands and I don't get removed for inactivity (hence why I am here explaining) lol Peace out <3
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    I would like to play Renegade again

    I played about 9 years ago under the name visara1. My name is John and I am 44 years old. With kickmofo's help my wife bought this pc and found this website. Thanks zunnie & mkd for the help setting up for online. I am still not able to download RenX. Just as well, I find myself lost on the new maps and could spend some time getting to know them. I look forward to playing. THX
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    Server Upgrade

    We've decided to purchase a new server that is a bit more powerful and at a better cost to us. While it sucks to reinstall everything, getting MUCH better hardware while saving some money was a no brainer! Late late tonight when the server is pretty empty we will move the NewMaps FDS to it. There may be more downtime over the weekend, but we are hoping it will be fast. Specifications: Processor - Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3 RAM - 8GB DDR3 ECC Hard Drives - 2 x 500GB SATA (Western Digital RE4 Drives) Uplink Port Speed - 100mbps Bandwidth - 10000GB Operating System - Windows 2008 Web R2 (64bit) IP Addresses - 8 IPs (5 Usable) New Server IP: (Renegade NewMaps 4.1)
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    GrOuP HuG TeIm

    found mike where mauley (mauldo for northamerican) cherry kick and all you people down there ... zunnie ? rest of mpf me coz im that cool (self hug)
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    Me and my mother at Lim Kok Wing University. 2nd picture was taken during the graduation day in my secondary school I think you guys seen this picture in my profile before this topic was made?
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    Back soon...

    Hi all. Writing this from motel in South Dakota. Been on the road for the past week having a great holiday with my wife Hope to be back playing next week . Ren still my fav game. I was not on for a while over past year as I've been working two jobs and other stuff going on. On holidays for two months so I hope to see you online !
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    New skillz ^_^

    ok tell me, have anyone ever seen a Kane figthing with Panda?
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    The Environment Setup Tutorial This tutorial will attempt to learn you how to setup your entire working environment for creating maps in gMax and the free provided Renegade Public Tools v2. It includes all the tools you need and they should be installed in this particular order: 1- The gMax Installation Files and Registration ByPass. (NOTE: Windows 8+ and 10 are NOT supported, you'll need Windows 7 or XP Pro to use gMax without glitches, there is NO fix for this.) 2- The official Renegade Public Tools version 2 from Westwood Studios. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 3- The unofficial LevelEditor from Tiberian Technologies for support with 4.6 Scripts Update. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 4- Some (semi) Critical Assets required for making a map for Renegade in gMax/RenX. 5- The XCC mixer i personally have been using since i don't know when, it's the best eventhough it's not the latest. Environment Guide Package Download the file i prepared as zip from the MPF download area: Once it is downloaded, make sure you unblock the file by going to the zip properties and clicking "Unblock" BEFORE you extract it. In this tutorial i will install EVERYTHING to do with mapping for Renegade in my folder on the D drive in "Renegade-Mapping". Go ahead and extract the zip somewhere, open it in a new window: And then copy the contents somewhere: Go into the #Installs folder that you extracted inside the Renegade-Mapping folder Step 1 - Install gMax and apply the registry fix We need to install gMax first, you MUST install it first or it won't work properly later. Open the gmax12+bypass.zip and copy files into your #Installs folder and then run gmax12.exe to install it. In this guide i am installing directly into the Renegade-Mapping folder so the endresult will be something like the following: Now, because the author of gMax doesn't send out emails anymore to register gMax for free, there is included a Autodesk.reg file, right click on that and choose Merge and when promted do Yes to merge it. When installation is done and you merged the registry thing, then run gMax for the first time. You will be prompted to select a rendering device, here you choose "Direct 3D" and continue. Once it has fully loaded you must exit gMax again. Step 2 - Install the official Renegade Public Tools v2 Extract the file Renegade_Tools_Installer_2.zip and run the executable, install it into your Renegade-Mapping folder, endresult should look simular to this: Go into the folder LevelEdit and you will see these files: Now delete (yes delete permanently) the LevelEdit.exe that is currently there, the original from Westwood. Extract the file LevelEdit46.zip and copy the resulting LevelEdit46.exe to your LevelEdit folder like so: Goto your Renegade GAME folder, which you updated to the latest TT Script Update (available on http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org ) Copy the following files to your LevelEdit folder and overwrite any existing ones there: "MemoryManager.dll" "Mss32.dll" "Shared.dll" "ttle.dll" You should end up with a LevelEdit folder looking like this: Now make a complete copy of your Renegade game folder (which is updated to 4.6 of course) and name it "RenegadeEditorGame", just copy and paste it somewhere like: Now open the Registry Editor through your startmenu "search" option type: regedit and open it. Expand the folders (or keys as they are called) until you are inside the Renegade folder/key. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Westwood -> Renegade" You see the InstallPath option there? Double click on it and change its value to where your game2.exe is located in the RenegadeEditorGame you copied earlier, in my example here it would be: D:\Games\Westwood\RenegadeEditorGame\game2.exe Now close the Registry Editor program, we don't need it no more now, you don't need to save anything, it does so automatically. Run the Editor Ok, so we can finally run the editor now, go into the LevelEdit folder and run LevelEdit46.exe There click the "New..." button and call it for example "MyWork". Double click the MyWork in the window and it shall bring up the editor in action: You'll notice the editor created a folder called "MyWork": Which contains a few key folders the editor uses: Create a map project folder inside the levels folder like so: Inside this folder you will save your Editor's "C&C_My_Map.lvl" file and stuff related to your map such as W3D models/terrain and maybe textures, cinematic text files and/or audio. ALWAYS choose to "Save Current Level As..." inside the editor ALWAYS WHENEVER you want to save your progress, do NOT EVER use "Save Current Level" (trust me), period, or it will not update some files (lsd/ldd/ddb) for your map and it wont work properly when you make a .mix with XCC later on. For example the endresult could look like this: << i will update this guide later tonight or tomorrow, just 1 thing: If you have missing textures make sure you place them in your Editor_Cache folder and reload the editor >>
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    So much at a loss for words right now... Rest In Peace, brother...
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    Moderator Promotions

    Heya, today i would like to announce promotions to some dedicated moderators. Let's congratulate the following Members: @DEMONDSPN @kobravipe @vihannes2 You have shown great activity ingame and on the forums, it's well deserved! Keep it going! PS.: @unknown I'm home now. Just wanted to announce that, you know ^^ Serv.
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    Over the last month or so, I've been rewriting the veteran system to be more optimized and making some adjustments to how the whole thing works. - Points/rank last beyond death (no longer resets upon death) - Discounts on purchased characters (vehicle discounts coming soon) - Changed support power: !support split between !support (Basic/Intermediate infantry) and !advsupport (Commando/Dead Six drop) - Changed support power: !turret, !guntower, and !samsite now linked to the same timer (each have their own limits) - Turret, Guard Tower, and SAM site limits are no longer affected by existing placements on the map - Buy weapons with your vet points (you lose the points, but keep the rank). A list of weapons will be provided in another news release. At the time of this post, the bounty hunter system will need a reworking as well to accommodate the changes to the veteran system. Level name changes probably. Right now, veteran ranks are using the classic Black-Cell style veteran ranks. We plan to keep our current rank names in this new veteran system, but it will take some time to balance the long list (10+ ranks) of veteran ranks and their points for lower point values. With this new system, we are able to customize veterancy on a map by map basis should one of our developers want to have a custom set of ranks. Release date: Sometime after November 15, 2015 Thanks, MPF Renegade Team
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    Been playing C&C since the originals. So glad to see that renegade is still alive and well despite the rest of the franchise. I have experience with sound design for games and I would like to get involved in any projects needing audio work. I love the new maps and imp age and all the new vehicles, weapons, characters, levels, and buildings, and especially the new upgrades in the comm center. Definitely makes this game much more enjoyable. Great work to all involved in the modding. -tune
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    New Mappack Released

    New Mappack v28.0 Download Mappack 28.0 New mappack is available which contains all of our content for the server. It's been a bit since the last mappack update, its highly recommended to download this one, especially if you have a slower connection. Thanks zunnie for compiling this installer. Happy Gaming
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    Well one in particular... Does anyone remember the taunt Commando Joe used back in the OG C&C where he would lite a cig and say "C'mon!" when idle (in addition to other rhetoric) Can we get the "C'mon" taunt on your lovely server? Along with anything else relevant Commando Joe had to say? Just wondering if anyone remembers. Ciao!
  34. 6 points

    Mother of all Battles Weekend

    www.ultraaow.com - Visit our Website | www.multiplayerforums.com - Sign up Now UltraAOW NewMaps 4.1 Mother of all Battles Weekend In the "Mother of all Battles Weekend" we will set the max player count to 127 temporarily, we hope to see some great battles going on between Nod and GDI Also, in this weekend you can win the game collection "Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection" on Origin which contains every frigging C&C game created! All you have to do is be a member of our forums and play the weekend! The person ranked 1st will receive this prize code from me. The players ranked in the top 3 with most kills will get the game Killing Floor on Steam!! When? Starting on the morning of Friday the 3rd of April 2015 we will temporarily replace the rankings on UltraAOW NewMaps 4.1 with a clean one. During the weekend it will collect player statistics and on Monday the 6th of April 2015 at midnight Dutch time GMT+1 it ends. After the weekend the statistics will be restored to what they were and continue until the end of April 2015. The Winner? The number 1 who has the highest score wins the game prize C&C Ultimate Collection on OriginThe players ranked in the top 3 with most kills will get the game Killing Floor on SteamWhere can i lookup my stats? Here: http://ren.multiplayerforums.com/ranks/NewMaps/(will be cleaned when the weekend event starts) Rules of Engagement? Most important rules: You cannot ever cheat on any of our serversYou cannot use advantage skins or modelsYou must be registered on our forums over hereYou must have a Origin Account to receive the PrizeAnything you *think* is inappropiate should not be done, if in doubt: Ask a moderator or adminOther important rules you should know about to avoid being (q)kicked, banned or excluded from the contest: Please click here to review all server rules: http://rules.ultraaow.com Other Requirements: TT 4.1 The Tiberian Technologies Update 4.1 for Renegade is required to play on the server. You can download it on their official website if you do not already have it. It adds lots of extra's, anti-cheat and a ingame automatic map-downloader, awesome stuff! The Map Rotation Skull_Isle Conquest_Winter MetroTS GreatUnder Crevasse Hidden_Valley Quick_Draw Tropics Uphill River_of_Hope Winterfell MtBog Fjords Deth_River GlacierTS Winter_Assault Canyon_Fortress Crevasse Cold_River RiverValley Forgotten_Town BoxedInV4 Cracked MtPass Oasis_Flying Alpine Infinite_Isle High_Noon High_Altitude Vile_Facility Fortress2k4 River_Canyon Cold_River Land_Day Cracked Cold_Valley Creekdale_Fly Tib_Pit_3 Sand Industrial_Strength River_RaidTS BunkersTS GreatWall City2 Deth_River Battleground River_of_Hope Detroit Orca_Heights Tiberium_Temple Ocean_View Forest_Falls Cold_Wall Snow Land_Night [GreatUnder] Country_Meadow Airai Terrace FalcWhore Hidden_Valley Country_Side SeasideSunset Lake_Garden Tobruk Area81 Esco_Island Wasteland FieldTS Urban_Warfare Dust_Training HillBilly_Valley Cold_Waters SeasideCanyon TheCanyon Tomb Pacific BattleForMidway DOM_Tutorial Canyon_Fortress Backstab Vile_Facility Tib_Pit_3 River_RaidTS GreatWall Dawn_Raid Cliffs BlazingSands Tiberium_Temple Bio BasinTS ImperialKaskins's "Imperial Age D2" Maps In ImperialKaskins's D2 map series there is the ability to deploy several vehicles and blockades with the Q, N, B keys or an Anti-Tank mine with M using the Sapper character. Please download and run the keys.cfg installation file from here: http://keys.ultraaow.com Active Server Plugins Of course the server will run our own MPF_NewMaps.dll plugin which adds additional functionality to the server such as Veterancy and Special Crates & Power-ups. Other plugins running on the server are for example the Team Donate and !ammo purchase ability every minute. Type !cmds for a list. You can also type !swap to change teams with someone on the opposite team, or to balance the teams. For a full list of modifications and adjustments please visit our Website. Mappack is Available You could download our Mappack before joining the server. This ensures you have all the maps already. Then you will not experience (m)any ingame download dialogs which may take long if you have a slow(er) connection. All you do is click Next, Next, wait for it to install the maps and then you're done and ready to join. Thanks Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up the Weekend. Let's kick some ass!
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    Juggernaut & Avatar now Ingame (v2.0)

    The avatar is now ingame and so is the Juggernaut, working with version 2.0 which is being constructed. Originally animated and skinned by Mauler and roszek for TCW while they were still on our team.
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    Thank you for your Support!

    We probably don't say it enough or you can't say it enough, but we greatly appreciate everyone that donates to our Community. We truly do. Without your support we would not exist. You are truly AWESOME!
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    How & Why MPF?

    Well my journey started when Zunnie invited me too FanMaps (FM) around 10years ago? (maybe more) Since then I have stuck with Zunnie where ever he went and when I returned after a break and realised this is where the n00b ended up I decided I would once again follow my master haha.
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    Imperial Age: Deploying Blockers

    Imperial Age Website - Press key to deploy a repairable for some cost - If you destroy the repairable the build process is cancelled and you get your money back - If you repair the repairable it replaces itself with the real object that you wanted and the purchase is final - You cannot deploy while inside a vehicle - You cannot deploy within a radius of 50 renegade units of a building - You cannot repair a repairable within a radius of 15 renegade units of the harvesters - You cannot place beacons near or inside deployed objects - If you try to deploy near a beacon the deploy is cancelled and the beacon is left in place
  39. 6 points

    Staff Promotion

    After some coffee and cookies we made Wyld an official Staff member now. Wyld's continued support of MPF is very cool and we think he deserved this position. If you have any questions feel free to ask Wyld, don't forget to bring some cookies! Congrats Wyld <3 cookie
  40. 6 points

    I'll be around :)

    I've asked for setting my group to just Members now. Since i moved to a new house last week and an upcoming job i will mostlikely not have as much time as i used to have to arrange stuff on the forums, servers and stuff. If you have any questions about the NewMaps server then goto roszek/bigjimer1 as they took that over. This is not a goodbye though I'll be around on IRC, TS3 etc from time to time. Feel free to drop me a message if you wanna talk or something Greetz zunnie
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    Release Date Unveiled!

    Renegade X - Release Date Unveiled (Trailer) Check out our latest trailer below! http://www.renegade-x.com The End is the Beginning The news that you've all been patiently waiting for has arrived. Renegade X is a free multiplayer Tactical FPS game that will be released on February 26, 2014. The release will coincide with the 12th birthday of C&C Renegade. Renegade X is not an ordinary game. We are bringing the popular "Command & Conquer" RTS series to ground level as a large-scale team-based tactical shooter. Players will be able to fight for two unique teams - the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a UN international military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, and the Brotherhood of Nod, a messianic international terrorist network that aims to push humanity into the next stage of human evolution. Players will be able to manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Each team will have a base of operations that composes of several key structures. Each structure has its own purpose. For example, the GDI Barracks gives GDI players access to special weapons and characters. If the Barracks is destroyed by Nod forces, GDI will lose the ability to purchase these special weapons. We believe that this gamemode - "Command & Conquer Mode" - can potentially revolutionize the FPS genre. It is the gem that went unnoticed for many years. Now is the time to uncover it. Release Date Renegade X version 1.0 will be released on February 26th, 2014. Our journey began in 2007 - we released five betas for Unreal Tournament 3 in 2009 and 2010, and we released our singleplayer campaign Black Dawn in 2012. Our original promise was to release Renegade X version 1.0 in 2013. The game went into its private beta phase in June 2013. We then decided to postpone the release from December to February, as the team believes that an additional few weeks of polishing is necessary. We'd like to deliver a stable and balanced game, and the extra development and testing time would produce that. We realize that this may disappoint some fans, but keep in mind that we are a non-profit team working on this game on our spare time. Our team has had six successful releases in the past, and we have always launched on time. This will be the first time that we postpone the game's deadline. The closure of Victory Games (EALA) is definitely a factor in our delay. Without going into much detail, Victory Games was going to provide a supportive role in advertisement, distribution, and server and client-side features. Now that Victory Games has closed, we have a few more tasks on our hands. The multiplayer release will be a beta. That means that although all core features will be in the game, it will not be the finished product. We plan on releasing patches, new maps, and new features throughout 2014. You will be able to post your suggestions for the game and issues with the game, and we will address all of them. With a game as large scale as Renegade X, a public beta is necessary to iron out any glitches and balance fixes that are necessary. We will be pumping out a lot of news, videos, interviews, and updates from now until release. Can you keep up with us? You are more than welcome to ask any questions either on this thread or on our Forums: http://www.renegade-x.com/forums/ Other news The leader of Nod's "Black Hand" special forces is this man: Gideon Raveshaw. General Raveshaw is a short, cold, unforgiving man. He possesses unmatched charisma and intelligence. The name "Gideon" is Hebrew for "Mighty Warrior"... that's pretty befitting for a man wielding a railgun that is almost his own size. Check him out. Mendoza Carlos Mendoza is mercenary who came to Nod after his methods became too extreme even for the extremists he was working for. He stays in General Raveshaw's employ due to the amount of money he receives for his services. Mendoza has a very confident and arrogant fighter, often insulting his enemies during firefights and gloating. He carries the electrifying Volt Autorifle. Sniper Rifle Here is the new and improved 500-credit sniper rifle. Shiny. Sidearm Weapon Reveal In Renegade X, all characters spawn with a default silenced pistol. We will be giving players the option to customize their weapon loudout. Advanced characters will be given the option to exchange their silenced pistol for either the Machine Pistol, a short-ranged fast-firing weapon, or the Heavy Pistol, a handgun with incendiary armour-piercing rounds. We will be discussing other secondary weapon customization options in later updates. X-Mountain Kenz, one of our beta testers, has begun working on Renegade X's first fanmap, "X-Mountain". The first version of X-Mountain was featured in the UT3 version of Renegade X back in 2009. It quickly became a favourite, and now Kenz is working on a remake for the upcoming release. It's looking really good, check it out below. Keep an eye out We're very excited to be finally releasing Renegade X version 1.0. This is the summation of seven years of hard work. The game is finally playing the way we want it to, and it brings a grin to all of our faces. We'd like to thank you all for your continued support! See you on the battlefield. Stay connected: http://www.renegade-x.com https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX https://twitter.com/RenXGame http://www.indiedb.com/games/renegade-x
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    Why are you here?

    1. I started playing Renegade many, many years ago due to my sons playing it and thought what the hell, I'll give it a go. Some players such as Got2bRoni took me under their wing and got me hooked. Also that was my first encounter with a gentleman called Wyld in NoNoobs. Many know me as Mum as my player name was/is MumOsborn. 2. Just always enjoyed the game and having fun and a laugh and always part of TS shenanigans. 3. I met Bullvipe in a Sniper Server, who fell in love with me after the first headshot, and introduced me to MPF. 4. I have not looked back ever since and have met some awesome people and made many online friends through MPF. 5. It's my down time from the everyday world out there and I'm still having fun and love the new maps. Thank You MPF
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    Stealth Obelisk

    LOL :
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    Gone, but long from forgotten. Zunnie was the most friendliest person I met in Ren. He would spend hours with me on TS3 explaining mapping and helping me through his tutorials. When basically the whole ren community shunned me, he stood by me and was reliable. I always knew that if he was around i would have someone to talk to. If it wasn't for zunnie, I probably wouldn't have joined RenX as a beta tester, and more recently as a developer. I owe him for this life opportunity I was given. It's hard to imagine someone as friendly and helpful like him is gone. Hopefully we can all be a little more like him. I can't imagine how his family feels. Rest In Peace Jan. -taisho/Sarah
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    roszek's map Canyon Falls Fusion

    We've added roszek's (former MPF Administrator) map to the server tonight. It has all cool vehicles from C&C 4 working in Renegade. The map uses the sidebar with beacon purchases available. Below is what roszek says about this map: This is a custom map created by me with help from Mauler. All the Renegade vehicles have been replaced with C&C4 vehicles. There is also a working Chronoshpere for GDI, and Nod has a mutant lab which allows Nod to buy Mutant soldiers even if the hon is dead. This map uses custom crates (instead of the reborn ones) which are dropped of by cargo plane. For this map to work properly you need to install the included scripts and ssgm plugin to your server. The sidebar.dll (created mostly by zunnie) puts beacons on the sidebar. Again, thanks to Matt Fabian for his great waterfall. Some Screenshots: Have fun
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    Server Update to DA

    What is Dragonade? Dragonade was Black-Cell.net's private server-side modification, the first ever created for Renegade, and the originator of basically every server-side mod feature in the game. And after 9 years it's finally being released to the public for all to enjoy. The most substantial advantage over other server-side mods is the improved coding style. An event system with over 60 events, complete separation of every feature, better handling of chat commands and keyhooks, automatic player data management, systems for handling game features and game modes, player observers, and much more. See the example plugin for full details. The settings system has also been greatly improved: each game mode has its own settings file to allow for game mode specific settings, many unnecessary settings have been removed, while in other places more have been added to allow for more customization. Settings can also be reloaded at any time via the "reload" console command. There are, of course, plenty of new features and tweaks for the players to enjoy. See below. History Dragonade was originally created by Vloktboky in December 2003 for the simple purpose of relaying extra information, like building kills, to IRC. We weren't content with just that, however, and soon we were adding gameplay modifying features like weapon drops, crates, and vehicle shells, and creating entirely new game modes. A few months later, thanks to some reverse engineering by Silent Kane and Jonwil, it became possible to link an ingame object to a player. This opened the door to much more advanced features; player kills on IRC, veteran systems, donations, vehicle ownership, more advanced weapon drops, proper deathmatch game modes, interacting with ingame objects via chat commands, team commander systems, extra radio commands, points distribution systems, and parachutes and more all became possible and were quickly added. SSAOW was eventually created to serve as a public version of DA. A lot of the more advanced features were kept private at first, but many filtered down to it over time. In 2005 I took over as the main developer of both DA and SSSAOW, continuing to update and create new features for both. After a while I decided to merge all the public server-side mods(SSAOW, SSCTF, SSM) into one mod: SSGM. Easily the most important new feature in SSGM was the plugin system. Truthfully, I wasn't happy with the way SSGM turned out; it was very disorganized, being based on a codebase stretching back to 2003 originally created with no planning or organization. So I started on a complete rewrite and merge of SSGM and DA with a focus on organization and modularity. This new system was mostly finished when I stopped coding for Renegade in 2008. Fast forward to 2012 when BC is having its first Renegade reunion. After updating DA to scripts 4.0 and creating a few new features I decide to release it to the public. Compatibility DA is fully compatible with existing bots and SSGM plugins and should be an easy upgrade for most servers. The following plugins are no longer needed as their functionality is included in DA: AntiSpawnKill.dll - Spawn Protection Game Feature CharacterRefund.dll - Character Refunds Game Feature Mute.dll - Built in mute console command PointsDistribution.dll - Points Distribution Game Feature swap.dll - RTC Game Feature InfiniteAmmo.dll - Infinite Ammo Game Feature RemoveWeaponChatCommand.dll - Built into Drop Weapons Game Feature SBHNoRemotePickup.dll - Per-character disable list BetterPPAGEConsoleCommand.dll - Built in page recoloring TeamDonate.dll - Donate Game Feature GameSpy_Support.dll - GameSpy Q&R Game Feature CustomKillMessages.dll - Advanced Kill Messages Game Feature JoinNameRegulator.dll - Disallowed nicks and disallowed nick characters lists NoReloadSnipers.dll - No Reload Game Feature Taunts.dll - Taunts Game Feature MapStartingCredits.dll - Per-map svrcfg.ini settings New Features Vehicle Purchase Queue http://forums.black-cell.net/index.php?topic=13777 Squad System http://forums.black-cell.net/index.php?topic=13788 Domination Game Mode http://forums.black-cell.net/index.php?topic=13812 Advanced Kill Messages New kill messages have been added for soldiers, vehicles, and buildings that show the character/weapon/vehicle of the killer and the victim, and the method of the kill(headshot/squish/fall/tiberium). Extra Radio Commands http://forums.black-cell.net/index.php?topic=5759 Points Distribution System When an object dies its death points will be split among all the players who helped kill it, instead of just the one who got the kill. Console Commands RELOAD - Reload da.ini and gamemode.ini. REMIX - Remix teams. REBALANCE - Rebalance teams. SWAP - Swap teams. FORCETEAM <team> - Force all players to switch to the given team. TEAM3 <playerid> - Swap a player's team, allowing them to keep their score, kills, deaths, and starting credits. Any credits over the starting amount are distributed to their team. TEAM4 <playerid> - Swap a player's team, allowing them to keep their score, kills, deaths, and reseting their credits to the starting amount. TEAM5 <playerid> - Swap a player's team, reseting their score, kills and deaths to 0, and their credits to the starting amount. TIMEOUT - Ends the game by time limit expired. ADDTAG <playerid> <persist on leave> <persist on map> <position> <tag> - Add a custom name tag to a player. Persist on map/leave determines if this tag should be removed when the player leaves the game or a new map loads. Position determintes the tag's position relative to the player's other tags. REMOVETAG <playerid> <tag> - Removes the given tag from the player. SETACCESSLEVEL <playerid> <0-6> - Sets the given player's access level. MUTE <playerid> - Mute a player, preventing them from speaking in chat or using radio commands. UNMUTE <playerid> - Unmute a player. MUTETOGGLE <playerid> - Mute or unmute a player, preventing them from speaking in chat or using radio commands. BEACONLOCK <playerid> - Prevent a player from deploying beacons. UNBEACONLOCK <playerid> - Re-allow a player to deploy beacons. BEACONLOCKTOGGLE <playerid> - Prevent or re-allow a player from deploying beacons. C4LOCK <playerid> - Prevent a player from using remote and proximity C4. UNC4LOCK <playerid> - Re-allow a player to use remote and proximity C4. C4LOCKTOGGLE <playerid> - Prevent or re-allow a player from using remote and proximity C4. Page Color Pages are now light blue. This applies to pages from the host as well as pages between players. Changes Most features have been tweaked to some extent, the following more than others. Vehicle Shells Shells will no longer float if killed in mid-air or at an angle. Revived vehicles will no longer get stuck in objects or terrain. Revived vehicles will automatically bind to the player that repaired them the most, or their previous owner. Added shells for flying vehicles and Nod APCs. Vehicle Ownership Players will now be able to get in the passenger seat of locked vehicles. Vehicles will now unlock when their owner dies instead of unbinding. Players on the same team can no longer damage locked vehicles. The owner of a vehicle can enter the driver seat even if another player is already in it. Drop Weapons Players drop a backpack containing their weapons and ammo when they die. The current weapon, or all weapons, can be dropped using the "!drop" command. Can be set to only allow players that damaged the player that dropped the backpack to pick it up. Players will only take weapons they don't have when picking up a backpack, the others will remain for other players to pickup. Picked up weapons are retained when switching characters. http://black-cell.net/DA1.5.zip
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    NewMaps videos

    lol TRFL
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    When It Is Ok To Rq

    Doesn't matter when you rage quit, just do yourself a favor and don't blame your team and rage at others because of it. Some of my best games in AOW have been tight situations. Hell, there were even clanwars games I've had in the prime days of cw.cc 2003-2005 where we would fight till the very last building is dead. I also remember 1 situation back in Atomix on Mesa. It was a team of me, Frozen and a few regulars. We practically lost every building except our barracks and WF and nod had all of theirs. And guess what, we came back and won it. Upsetting defeat for Nod. Anything can happen. Manuel can also recall a game in Jelly Marathon, quite a few of them. But the one more recent was a Walls_Flying game. It was PP vs PP that lasted 7 hours.
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    Pwn Call

    Baddog vs Pwn Call

    It speaks for itself...
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    Why are you here?

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