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    Thanks people :)

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who plays on our server and also to the people donating to us. Yet another month our donation goal has been reached which is great and shows people really appreciate our server and websites. Makes us happy to see you like the server and things we do for it. I know some maps aren't the greatest and there are some occassional problems here and there but overall i think we are doing good Thanks for your support and please continue to join our server Thanks
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    [Poll]Will you play Renegade-X?

    Hey Guys Im RypeL, programming lead on Renegade-X and i want to thank you all for your interest and support in the game! MPF hosting servers for it and generally having so much members that are supportive towards Renegade-X really helps us out! To honor this relationship we decided to let everyone that is already registered on MPF (as of now) join the Renegade-X beta once the next beta build is done (Wich is currently looking to be this sunday). We will make a thread very soon with more on how to sign up. Basically you need a steam account since we use steam for authentication in the beta. If you post your steam profile link in that thread or send it to me via PM you will be able to play Renegade-X very soon and can help us to make this game a worthy successor of Renegade before we sent it out to the public. So i hope you will take this opportunity so that we will see you on the battlefield very soon!
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    Tis the month of my birth, so many years in. I'm going to be getting married to my beautiful fiancee, Amanda, next year. I bought a house here in Florida last year. Guess you could say a new tree is taking root. Never thought I'd get this far in and this far away. So alas, today is the last day. I have played my final game of renegade; a victory; against my old adversary - Geeti. He doesn't know yet. ;-) The on and off years playing this game have taken me from my roots of small town Buffalo, NY to other states, countries and continents. The states of mind were excluded from this outro for reasons of national security. :-) It's truly amazing the wonderful people I've met within this great adventure and while many of my fellow combatants no longer occupy the foxholes and trenches we used to share, their sacrifices, laughter and love will never be forgotten. A person very special to me told me at the end of our journey together to ascend! I have done my best to follow that guidance and wish the same for all of you. So to all my old friends and new friends: Ascend! For the last time... Kalo out. P.S. I've prepaid for the rest of your August gaming bill. So get the hell off the forums and go play FFS! P.P.S. RAGE bullvipe!
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    Thanks everyone

    I would like to thank all of our Founders, Administrators, Staff, Donators and Members for contributing to this great community we have formed from late 2011 to today. It can't be said enough but without you guys contributing here we'd be gone long ago. We have all done a great job at making this place fun i think. //nogay
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    Bullvipe & Cheryripe (Engaged 27th December 2013)
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    Unit promoted: r3surr3Ktx

    We've promoted r3surr3Ktx to a Renegade Server Admin and he has access to our server to restart it and stuff in case of a crash. This nab has been very helpful with us primarily with the download section, selecting new maps for the server rotation and general testing. After months of respectful activity around here we decided to promote him to a Renegade Server Admin so he can perform additional tasks in the game and the forums. His primary usergroup is still Download Manager though but he is ALSO a Renegade Server Admin. Any issues with regards of downloads or the renegade server may be directed to him as well Congrats man.
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    MPF Promotions Applied!

    Some bad news first... As some of you may have heared from people around MPF is that both roszek and Mauler have left the building for us. They decided to quit and i last i heared is they want to start their own thing which is fine i think although i did not expect this to happen the way it did. It's a big loss for the developing side of MPF that they are not around anymore, they did a lot for our servers and created many assets and code for them. I guess people, players & admins come and go so i hope the best for them and that they create something fun to do for ppl. They requested me to remove them from the forums over here which i did :'( Goodbye Mauler & roszek! So now the good news... We were initially going to wait with appointing new staff positions within MPF because it may be 'too soon' to do so. But i also think we must continue standing strong and giving new people a chance within our moderating teams and also people who have been with us for a longer period of time deserve a chance to grow within our MPF Community hierarchy. New Administrator Wyld1USA: he has been with us for a long time too proving his dedicated support to us in times when it was very much needed. He is going through a rough time right now as some may know and we have talked to him about this position and if he is ready or not and he said he is Wyld1USA will be spending time with maintaining our CSGO and updating those servers whenever Valve decides to release them like nearly every week. !Staff Group Promotions With both Wyld1USA and MDK promoted from !Staff to &Administrators they leave the Staff group empty which need to be filled up. After some discussion on irc mostly and teamspeak 3 we decided to promote: Kickmofo: pooftah! Kickmofo has always been loyal to MPF and been with us for a very long time. This Aussi bastard is always around for a good chat too and advice. TehVib: Long standing member of MPF with a very good degree of dedication to making it better. This fitnesswonder is also nice to talk to and always around for good advice and gaming Mike: has been helping us a lot with the workings of the CSGO and UltraAOW server Website aspect and is currently maintaining this. I've taught him this and that and stuff he already knew about it he is applying that knowledge there currently. In other news Removed some highly inactive half-moderators; They can potentially be re-added if they contact us within time and have good reasons. We made LordGalyen a server admin for the Renegade Division. We made newtown a server admin for the Renegade Division. We made TRFL a full moderator for the Renegade Division. We made Paterke a full moderator for the Renegade Division. We made Hunter-Seeker a full moderator for the Renegade Division. We made Graxion a half moderator for the Renegade Division. We may or may not promote more people to better positions but we haven't discussed it thoroughly yet. We'll make news topics when the time for this comes. Thanks Thanks everyone for your time, gaming with us, joining & staying with us and all that <3 Please continue to join Grtz
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    Messing with Zunnie

    This is what happens when zunnie goes away for a cup of coffee! special thanks to bigjimer1
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    Found a new Pic of zunnie :P

    Damn Z, you could use something to eat man
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    Hi all, I am Sander, Jan's older brother and i just wanted to say that im very gratefull for all the reply's about my brother sudden death. Its been a shock to us , but i also know he spend many hours..days..years with his friends on MPF Mp, RenX and more. I understand that it comes as a shock to you all as well. I know he really loved playing, talking laughing with you all and i want to thank you for all the good times you all shared with him. We dont know what really happend, was it an accident? was it intensional we will never know. All i know is that i love him and will miss him terrible as i can imagine you all will too. Thank you all again for all the good times you shared with him, and filled his life with joy and laughter. As Jan is no more i do hope you all will continue to have fun and share the good times, its hard to look any further but i really think he would have loved to see you all enjoy the game he loved so much. Ty all very much, take care and treasure those you love!! Sincerly, Sander Wessels
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    I have also spoken with his brother and such a tragic end to a beautiful soul. may his soul RIP and live on forever in Renegade. i know I have not Been on best terms with MPF but if you could please organise a weekend of his maps in his honour I will he happy to pay for it. Just PM Miss you Zman!!!!!!
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    why hey hello

    title reads how's y'all been ! i'll be hangin around more again. back on IRC and stuff expecting a little baby boy in October, life is much different than before!
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    New Renegade Division Leader

    We have recently made some changes to our administrative structure. Kickmofohas informed us that he would like to step down in order to be able to devote more time to his personal life. This something most of us can understand very well. Moderating for a server and especially being the leader is like having another job expect that it is unpaid. There is a lot of work that goes into it and most of it is unseen in the background. While we regret to see him go we understand that real life must always come first. Kick has done a lot of great things for furthering and advancing our Renegade Server. He will remain an admin in our community but will no longer be the leader of the Renegade Division. Taking Kick's place as the leader will be r3surr3Ktx. He has really grown in our community and made it his home. He has taken up many projects that no one else wanted to and has put in a huge amount of work into both our Renegade server and community as a whole. r3 plays renegade frequently, has built rapport with the players and is willing to speak his mind and bring new ideas to the table. He has done a great job and proved himself a reliable and dedicated contributor to our community. We cannot think of a better person to lead our Renegade section. Please join us in thanking Kick for the great work he has done and congratulating r3 on his new position. Alex & Fear
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    Tonight there will be a second NewMaps server online with the joinpassword "newmaps". It is a clone of the primary NewMaps server. Why we do this? So we can install a couple of new (old?) maps and test them out for our rotation. The maps will NOT be available through the downloader on this test server so you must have the .mix files in your Data folder. Most .mix files can be installed by using our UberMapPack 2015. If you want to help us test the maps and give your honest opinion about them before we add them into rotation you are free to join us in this server Note: In the end it is up to Kickmofo, FeaR and me what maps will be in rotation. If people really really don't like a certain map they can always !skip vote it. Thanks for joining and helping decide! PS: The IRC channel is #NewMapsTest on irc.cncirc.net for anyone who needs to !auth, or just join it if you like.
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    Vote for Next Weekend's Event

    MPF was known for its weekend specials and were quite popular. The most popular was the Stealth Weekend. Maybe mix them up a bit if possible and have them all in a rotation of maps. One map stealth, the next crazy and so on. Otherwise I vote double points since there is a monthly comp going on.
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    New Administrators & Staff

    New Administrators and Staff For a while now these people have been helping out in the "shadows" for a long time now in lots of different areas for MPF. Be it through Teamspeak or IRC and what not for the past few years some of them or a bit more recent. Regardless of how long exactly they have been around, they all have earned their position we think. Who are they? - Genesis2001 is now an Administrator for his long endurance in supporting MPF in many areas including the forums, irc and server. - Kickmofo is now an Administrator to be able to fully run the Renegade division as the leader for this. - Mike is now an Administrator with several duties regarding the maintenance and support of the websites. - Unknown is now an Staff member for his work on brenbot coding and irc and the server. Thank you and have a great time over at MPF
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    Meet "stippie" :)

    My sister brought her yesterday lol Very nice Her name will be Stippie lol
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    I can whore better than falcod...

    proof here:
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    Welcome to Multiplayerforums.com

    First of all Welcome to our Community Forums. As you may know we are all trying to get along together but there may sometimes arise problems or flaming in posts, simply report these to a moderator or administrator and they will be looked at. General Netiquette Members that have joined our forum are expected to try and keep it nice, clean and fun for everyone. We do not condone flamers or people who start fights and put up namecalling or other type of insults. Harrassing members of our Community will result in post-moderation or you might even be banned for the community. Off Topic Discussions You are allowed to discuss Politics, Religion and real life issues in the designated forum called "Discussions", but please be respectful in your discussions with other members. Furthermore there are unwritten rules which are common sense more or less. An example would be to not post links to adult-, hack- & crack websites. Etcetera. We at all times reserve the right to ban anyone we want for whatever reason we think is appropiate for that action. Please try and keep the forums nice, clean and fun, thanks. Contact us. If you guys and girls have any questions or problems with anything at Multiplayerforums.com you can find us on Teamspeak, mIRC or the forums. All you have to do is send us a PM or Email and we will reply to you within 24 hours at the most. @FeaR, @alexrirak, @Cronus, @Genesis2001, @zunnie, @r3surr3Ktx, @kenz3001, @Wyld fear@Multiplayerforums.com | zunnie@multiplayerforums.com | alexrirak@multiplayerforums.com | wyld@multiplayerforums.com Thanks for reading. Regards, The MultiPlayerForums Gaming Community Staff
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    Renegade X - Download Today!

    They day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Download Renegade-X Multiplayer Beta 1 Renegade X: Open Beta has been released and is now available for download! Renegade X is a First/Third Person Shooter with RTS elements. Players will be able to fight for two unique teams, manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Renegade X is for all players - lone wolves, team-based gamers, tankers, snipers, rushers, turtlers, and all others! Renegade X is FREE! It is a non-monetized game - Renegade X is straight-up free. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://renegade-x.com/download More mirrors will be added as time goes on. You are free to upload and distribute the Renegade X Open Beta, as long that the download numbers are made available to us at the end of every month for the remainder of the year. Special thanks to Westwood Studios, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, the UDK Community, the C&C Community, my wonderful and inspirational colleagues at Totem Arts, and our loyal fans for their continued support! System Requirements Minimum: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista 2.0+ GHz processor 2 GB system RAM SM3-compatible video card 4 GB free hard drive space Recommended : Windows Vista 64 SP2 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor 4 GB system RAM NVIDIA 200 series or higher graphics card Plenty of HDD space Setting-up Game Servers A tutorial has been posted for those who are interested in setting up Renegade X Game Servers. You can find all of that information here: [LINK] Tips and tricks Keybinds: - 'F': makes you switch to a first person perspective with characters AND vehicles as well - 'V' or 'F2': Hold it and it will change the upper right corner scoreboard to show harvester health, player credits, player locations and which players on your team are currently engineers - 'N': Toggles on night vision on some weapons - Shift: Use shift to sprint (there is also vehicle sprint) - 'Q': Target a structure, friendly or enemy to initiate spotting or status messages like "Building needs repair". Hold 'Q' down and hover over multiple enemies, then release 'Q' to spot all of them in a single spot message. (In later updates the spot messages will sometimes also display type of spotted vehicle and type of spotted class.) - ALT/CTRL+V: Opens up a vote menu where you can vote for changing maps, adding bots and more - 'TAB': Opens Scoreboard - 'K': Toggle upper right scoreboard mode between viewing all and only viewing yourself - 'F3': Chat - 'F4': Teamchat - 'U': Private Message General: - The silo techbuildings (like the one in the middle of CNC-Field) can be captured by shooting their Master Control Terminal with a repair gun - Hit "Esc" to change teams or suicide - Airstrikes: To initiate an airstrike buy it from the PT then zoom and target an area. While zooming hold down the left mouse button and rotate the mouse. You will see that the visible indicator then also changes rotation. So with it you can define from which angle the airstrike should come in. Story and Game Mode The image below covers the basics of the game's teams, structures, special items and characters, and other important information needed to play Renegade X. To learn more about Command and Conquer mode, check out the short tutorial video below: Ladder A basic Renegade X leaderboard is up. You must be logged into Steam while playing Renegade X for your statistics to be tracked. Renegade X does not require Steam. The leaderboard can be found on our main page, here: http://renegade-x.com/leaderboard Future Content The content below will be released through patches and new versions of Renegade X. -More multiplayer levels -More tech buildings, including a caputrable Repair Facility and Communications Centre -Clanwars ladder -More items -New gamemode(s) -Glitch fixes -Custom map and mod support -More to be announced on a later date! Screenshots These are some ingame shots of our game: Thanks again for checking out Renegade X!. This is a special moment for all of us. We have been working on Renegade X since 2006 - we started off as an idea, then we became a mod, and now this is a full-fledged indie game. We are very satisfied with how the game has turned out, and we can't wait to see you all ingame. Let this game be a testament that dreams can come true, because at one point, Renegade X was only the dream of a few ambitious teenagers and young adults. It was clear that there was not going to be a sequel to a game that was a big part of my life. C&C Renegade was the "failed game" with the not-so-special singleplayer campaign that was completely overshadowed by titles like Medal of Honour, Halo, and Battlefield 1942. But Renegade had a unique multiplayer formula that most reviewers seemed to have ignored. C&C Renegade was no good for 56k players, or for players connecting to servers from different continents. Hosting online games was too difficult, unless you wanted a 4 player server on your computer. The game was virtually unsupported just a few months after release. Renegade 2 was dropped, and by 2005, the community was given control over the server browser. Despite the poor sales, the sub-par graphics, the mediocre singleplayer, the slow internet speeds, and the lack of support, players recognized that Renegade possessed a hidden gem. C&C mode was enough to feed a thriving community for 12 years, and beget many custom maps, skin and model packs, an anti-cheat system, custom community patches, serverside mods, more ambitious mods, total conversions, and even indie games. Renegade was one of the most active (if not THE most active) C&C multiplayer games. Now, Renegade X a full-fledged spiritual successor to the original Renegade. Our audience is massive, and every major gaming website and magazine is talking about Renegade X. Our trailers are some of the most popular C&C-related videos ever released. Old players are coming back to check us out, and old clans and communities are reforming. Our audience are those older gamers 25-45 who have been left behind by the game industry's dumbing-down of multiplayer games as of late. While the industry focuses on tablet, mobile, and gimmicky console games, there is a whole generation of lost PC gamers who have been left behind. They miss the dynamic sophistication of C&C Renegade, and they are all interested in trying out our free game. Renegade X is not a direct remake of C&C Renegade. Yes, you will see familiar maps, characters, weapons, and vehicles - the fundamentals of the game are the same. But, no weapon is identical to the way it was before. Certain vehicles play quite differently (Artillery, MRLS, Mammoth Tank, Apache, Orca, Transport). A moderate amount of recoil and weapon spread has been given to guns (and you'll see why). The graphics, audio, and physics have received a complete overhaul. Secondary weapons and new items have been added. Capturable buildings have been added. There's so much that is different - but keep in mind that we are die-hard Renegade fans, and we are very careful with the things we change. We look forward to your feedback, and remember that Totem Arts will always be there for the community. We will be putting out more game info and strategy videos for new players in the days and weeks to come. We'll also be fixing any of the game's problems, adding new features, adding new maps and gamemodes, making more player-friendly menus and settings, and simply be there for all those who need technical support. We are the biggest fans of our own game, so you'll find us to be very open and accessible. Thanks again for helping our dream come true - see you on the battlefield! It's finally TIME TO ROCK & ROLL! http://www.renegade-x.com https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX?ref=hl https://twitter.com/RenXGame http://www.youtube.com/user/NEfobbyGEN/videos
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    Before kids After kids
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    Hehe, luckily we didnt get to much sleep lol, and spend a lot of time talking, playing games..you know quality time Without Jan there wouldnt be a Bol.com ..the amount of keyboards/mouse orderd would keep any Shop booming hahaha Im glad he got to know all of you, and have had a lot of good times! Today we put our brother to rest, but i hope and pray his infuence, good spirits will remain with us forever!! Ill have a coffee with him one last time at 14:00 EU time, i hope werever you all are ( and if possible ) you'll join in, a coop Coffee so to speak. Best regards, Sander
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    Had enough.

    Is this why you pm'd me in game yesterday? Do not let people tell you how to play, if you want to rep all game why not? You have saved my ass plenty of times by repping me. Its a boring job so other players should respect how you play even more so. Re-think what your doing and do not listen to silly banter. If you have a problem with a player bullying you in game pm a mod and we will happily deal with the situation for you. We want people to have fun here free of cheaters/idiots and not be bullied out the server because of the way they play. Hope this changes your mind
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    Pussycat i mean lol My sister has 4 of them and i took one with me last night. She's 10 weeks old now She is doing great although she still has her hairs stand up when one of the other cats or the dog comes near lol.
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    Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Update News

    http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com We are still actively working on Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Things are going a tad slowish but we're still making progress. The code-base is now moved over to the Dragonade 1.8 version with 4.2 TT support, created by WhiteDragon originally for Renegade itself. Building sound and message notifications, unit purchase notifications, and radar visibility are now coded to not play/view unless the Command Post and/or Operations Center are alive and kicking. The GDI Armory code is also done where it will repair friendly units within a certain radius of it. This simulates the C&C 3 function to restore units back to full health by putting them inside the Armory. Stealth Detection is functioning as well already where it will decloak enemy stealthed units while using a GDI Pitbull or Nod Attack Bike. We're unsure if we want the defenses to destealth enemy units in range, although they will fire at them at will. The veterancy for units is also working. There are 3 levels of veterancy just like in C&C 3: Veteran, Elite and Heroic. They will sport icons created by ImperialKaskins, a single chevron, a double chevron and a golden star which appears near the unit when it is promoted. These icons will stick to the unit and are only visible to friendly units so you don't give away your position to enemies in certain situations. Upgrades for the Nod Secret Shrine are also coded in place and provide: - Tiberium Infusion: Militant Rifle and Militant Rocket Soldiers will take no more damage from Tiberium fields. - Confessor: Hallucinogenic Grenades will be granted to all Militant Rifle and Militant ROcket Soldiers on the battlefield which can be used to severely annoy your enemy by making their screen shake immensly. Upgrades for the GDI Armory: - Composite Armor: Grants Rifle Soldiers, Grenadiers and Missile Soldiers more hitpoints for their Kevlar Vest Armor. - Power Packs: Increases Zonetrooper hitpoints and makes them regenerate health while they are idle and not moving. - Scanner Packs: Will grant the Zonetrooper the ability to detect stealthed units in a nearby radius. Commando gameplay just got more interesting! As some of you may know both the Nod and GDI Commando can kill a building with just 1 Timed C4. This Timed C4 runs for 1 minute and it will announce publically it was placed on a certain building. Engineers, Saboteurs and Spawn Guys can disarm this with their Repairguns. In the past when you used your Timed C4 with a Commando you had to return to base and refill your ammo, this is no longer the case. In TCW 2.0 the Commando will regenerate his Timed C4 every 2-3 minutes (may be tweaked later). The GDI Sniper will kill ALL enemy units in 1 single shot. Its weapon will have a semi-high reloading time though so it is not as easy to pick off targets with it and in addition to this there is a maximum of 2 Snipers per team. A skilled Shadow user is the ultimate counter to this character. Unit Technology from the Weapons Factories, Barracks and Hand of Nod can be stolen by the enemy! With Nod you use a Saboteur to get inside the building and steal Tech, with GDI you can use the Engineer to do it. Note that the limited ammo repairgun of this character must be full while attempting to steal technology. WHen successful it will unlock enemy units in your Purchase Terminal meaning if you stole GDI Weapons Factory technology with Nod you can then buy Mammoth tanks and what not. And vice versa for Nod units on GDI. Superweapons are not yet functional but worked on. They will have simular cinematics as seen in TCW 1.52b where the Nuclear missile will actually take off into the air etc. The guy you spawn with, the Spawn, now has 3 variations in the purchase menu which can be switched to for free: 1- The Repair Spawn (equiped with a repair gun that can slowly repair and disarm things as well as capture tiberium spikes) 2- The Shotgun Spawn (equiped with a highpowered short-ranged Shotgun with 8 shells) 3- The MP5 Spawn (equiped with a 30 round automatic MP5 rifle) This should add some variation to the start of the game mostly In addition to their primary weapon they also have a Knife btw. I hope this covered some of the questions you may have about the game. There is more to report but maybe later We are actialy developing it but slowly, it will be available "when its done" and that will be a few months work at least. PS: We are taking new testers, when interested please post here: http://multiplayerforums.com/forum/411-applications/
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    OMG OMG OMG Promotion Time!

    meh. But I did not dream that one day I could reach this position every since it all started in MP-Gaming as a regular player. I have to thank Oxi because without him who pull me into the moderators I won't be here today. Also not to forget the buddies here that is kind enough of giving me this position but of course more work for me than because of promotion. Last but not least, I will continue to support and develop projects for MPF as long i am still breathing.
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    i finally made an account on forum still trying to learn all new stuff ty for all the help i get mikael hedin nickname rohirrim6
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    The Dros with the mos'

    Hey hey party people! ive enjoyed playing with you all so much over the past few weeks that Ive decided to sign up and maybe hang around a bit A little about me: Im 28, from Canada's capital, and a die hard C&C fan! I even have a custom built Warhammer 40k Nod army! (for those of you interested I can post pictures) I bought Renegade on launch. I was so excited. I played it to death for a long time and then stopped. I picked it up again years later and found Jelly servers! I played there lots and met my now long-time friend, Treeky, whom you will see occasionally. after that I put it down again for a few years. about a month ago I just booted it up for kicks and I found these lovely new maps and additions! Im having so much fun with all the new stuff and you awesome players. rock on. Im not the best player, but I do my best to be a great team mate!
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    NewMaps Trailer by Griever

    UltraAOW.com NewMaps Trailer by Griever Griever has been putting together a dozen videos of gameplay on our NewMaps server to create this piece of a Trailer for us accompanied by splendid music! Have fun watching! No drooling btw Look at the video on YouTube: Does this make you want to play Renegade again? Don't have it installed and/or don't want to be bothered with the hassle of installing all updates, mods and maps? Try out the Renegade Imperial Age client which is a standalone client designed by MPF to join the UltraAOW.com NewMaps server. More info, profile and downloads over at imperial age website.
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    Vib's gift to Kick

    caught TehVib singing on TS
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    Good day

    Greetings MPF staff/players! Just thought id say hello. I used to play lots on here with my old nick pukje199 (yeah terrible name) The last years i've been mostly active on Jelly, but it is clear MPF has become a new home for everyone from all servers. I salute you all! You all are what is keeping Renegade alive! Alt2!
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    When was MPF founded? :P

    https://twitter.com/mpforums/status/133424620454936577 Just found this. Unlike the 'start date' of our forums here which was due to a reinstall, it was founded back in November 2011 officially by FeaR, alexrirak and me Thought it would be fun to share We've come a long way i would say. Nice of you all that come here and make up what we have here today! Thanks <3
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    How & Why MPF?

    Many of you know my story but for those that don't here it is .... I was playing in Jelly sniper server and on ts when a player named Bullvipe introduced himself on ts and asked me to snipe with him. Well after a few rounds of killing each other he introduced me to MPF Server with Zunnie and Jimmer and many others. Since then Bullvipe and I were married in May this year and now he lives with me over in Australia. You could say we are Romeo & Juliet of Renegade where me (from Jelly) and Bullvipe (from MPF) united and still love killing each other or working side by side as a team. I have formed many long lasting friendships also from MPF and thank you Bullvipe for coming into my life with Renegade and MPF.
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    Sup nerds

    Sup nerds. Anything new happen lately besides all sorts of shit drama that I heard and noticed lol. Like Kickmofo's mod abuse, that never gets old
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    Brussels, here i come :P

    Going to visit my brother this weekend, taking off in a hour or two I'll be online in brussels later tonight Cya all later
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    (me on the left n my gf)
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    MPF NewMaps UltraAOW trailer

    Thanks Mauler for a great Renegade logo and kenz3001 for kickass UltraAOW logo watch in HD
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    First Time Full @ 50 Players

    Congratulations Erik2012! LoL, too bad we dont have a prize for this The first 50th player joined tonight
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    Introducing my daughter

    Wanting to introduce my daughter to everyone. Her name is Vivian. Born Monday at 6:39pm EST at 9 pounds and 4 ounces. I still intend to play Renegade guys, but my activity will be spotty and when I am online, I will be leaving at random times to take care of the baby. I tried uploading two pictures, but for some reason the site won't accept it for some reason, but you got one atleast.
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    Hi all, We had a very nice service this afternoon, All of the family and lots of friends were there to pay their respect for Jan. Im glad to read so much of all of you, it means a lot to all of our family! hahah that coffee machine lol yeah it does have a ring to it That did carry him through many nights playing...almost crosseyed but not giving up to solve any or help any one who needed it. As for the expenses, all is covert. But thank you very much. Jan has made sure my mom is well taken care of, thats the person he was. My mom is Lien Rolvink, she is also on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004716136785&amp;fref=pb&amp;hc_location=friends_tab I know she would love to hear from you all, she also knows how much you all ment to Jan, and many have also talked with her while Jan was playing. The stories you all shared i think would feel like a warm blanket of comfort. She's hurting a lot, as expected and i know it will mean the world to her to hear from you all. I will remain on MPF in honor of my brother, and all of you here for being the wonderfull friends you have been to him. As you are his friend, you are mine! If any have questions feel free to ask, or post some for me on my FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000511690900 Jan is at peace now, i want to thank you all again for the reply's and it has been warming to all of us during these hars days. Take care, thanks for all and have fun!! Best regards, Sander
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    That's a beautiful thing...
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    Server OS Reload

    Some of you may have noticed the entire Box crashing lately. To fix this we are going to do an OS Reload. Previously we have changed out all hardware and its still crashing, there are not alot of options left, we and the DC believe an OS Reinstall will fix it. We will be doing this ASAP (in like 3 hours of this post..)
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    Hope you guys arent racist with asians ;P
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    Thanks people :)

    All I have to say is I am very thankful for being introduced to MPF for sooooo many reasons, meeting great, friendly people and even getting engaged to MPFBullvipe who is now here in Australia with me. Have formed many great lasting friendships and appreciate the effort put in by fellow members in making new maps and keeping the game alive.
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    MPF Renegade-X Beta Signup Thread

    Hey Guys, as announced earlier this week we invite all of you to join our beta once our next beta version is ready. Here is what you need to do to get in: - Please provide your Steam Community Profile page link - Register on http://www.renegade-x.com and post the link to your profile over there - Post the link to your Profile here on MPF forums. Terms: - Only useres registered on MPF before 24 october 2013 are allowed to get in. Though If you have someone that is a close friend to you that you think would also be of help testing the beta shoot me a pm and we will add him aswell - You are not allowed to publically discuss the content of the beta or to show screenshots or videos UNTIL betaversion 9.2 arrives. The beta that you will enter will be beta version 9.0. Version 9.2 is currently scheduled for two weeks from now. So in about two weeks from now you will be allowed to post youtube vids etc to help us letting the world know about the game. Though highlighting of bugs should be avoided obviously. - If you leak info, screenshots etc before beta version 9.2 arrives we will ban you from the beta wich we can based on your steam login since you can only run the beta when beeing online and authenticated via steam. We are currently putting the finishing touches on beta version 9.0 wich will propably still take us the full weekend so i think it wont make it till sinday but is scheduled for monday now. As soon as it is released we will add you to the internal betaforums where you will find the downloadlink. We dont want to add you sooner since the current beta version 8.5 is already a month old and we dont want you to bother with that when version 9.0 is just arround the corner. Ok so if you want to join post your info (steam login, renegade-x forums username and lonk to your MPF profile) and then i will update this post once version 9.0 is ready (most likely monday). Renegade-X is alive, pls come join, lets do this guys!
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    New Administrator

    rozi (or roszek ) is now promoted to a new Administrator at MPF He will be taking over the coding and running of the NewMaps 4.0 server for Renegade etc. roszek knows his way around in the Renegade engine very well too. You can approach roszek for anything related to NewMaps in the future. If you made a new map and would like it to appear on the server, goto roszek Congrats roszek and very splendid to have you on our team
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